Cost of a photoshoot

The photoshoots at oxygen are risk-free

If you are not satisfied, you do not pay anything!

Indeed the photoshoots of Oxygen Photography are organised in a setting, and are organised by us , and are completely risk free, since we only charge for the pictures you really like!

No amounts to be payed in advance, no amounts to be payed immediately afterwards…. you just ome back the next day, and you select those pictures that you really like, and that are worth your money.

How does it work and what to pay?

The additional services however are always to be payed.(those services are visage, hairstyling, and general styling, at an average fee of 45€)

The photoshoot itself is completely free, and is completely result-based.

For the photoshoot you do pay 0€

If you like the results, and you truely like some of the pictures, or a lot of pictures, then you are free to make your choice. the rates for the pictures you like are the following:

Digital pictures on disc:

1-5 pictures 20€ per picture

6-10 pictures 17€ per picture

11-15 pictures 15€ per picture

16-20 pictures 13€ per picture

Printed pictures glossy paper A4

1-5 pictures 30€ per picture

6-10 pictures 25€ per picture

11-15 pictures 20€ per picture

16-20 pictures 15€ per picture